About Us

Deniz Fruit bv Netherlands and HR Deniz Turkey are both established by our Director Rahim Deniz. Our Director has 38 years of experience, business knowledge, working with self-confidence. And his main point is to deliver quality, Customer satisfaction and most importantly: Doing Fair Business.

Purchasing & selling manager Serdar Deniz runs the business together with his father for the past 11 years. Together Father & Son, the business has become the best known name in the fruit and vegetable sector in recent years. We are an importer & exporter and wholesaler in fruits and vegetables with daily sales space of 6000 m2 with various types of fresh produce from various countries. We do a lot of purchasing and sales in Dutch products. We import most from Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Morocco, Greece. We most export to Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Moldavia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Romania and Ukraine.

We are also specialized in Turkish products. Each Vegetables and Fruits are analyzed by a laboratory test before loading in Turkey. In Turkey, we have our own plantation and packaging company in Turkey. With our 38 years of experience, we have become an international name in fruit and vegetable trade.

Rahim Deniz

Serdar Deniz